Your health can be the difference between “I’m getting by” and “I’m doing well.” Pain can take you away from your family, friends, and job. It can drastically change the way you view the world. That’s why, when you’re in pain, it’s important to address it. Going to the doctor is the typical first course of action, but most western medicines can cause unpleasant, long-term side-effects. However, an alternative medicine practitioner may hold the key to relieving your pain.

How Can an Alternative Medicine Practitioner Help Me?

Alternative medicine has shown to help with a myriad of physical ailments including ulcers, joint pain, nerve pain, bulging discs, and many more (which we will briefly cover in this article.) Next time you’re thinking about taking a trip to the doctor, a trip to the chiropractor or acupuncturist may be a valid solution for you – and you won’t get the nasty side effects you’ll get with medication or surgery. Let’s go into a few reasons why trying alternative medicine should be your next stop: 

No nasty side-effects. 

Let’s talk side-effects. A lot of times, a doctor will give you something to help your pain. If it’s physical pain, you’ll most likely get some kind of narcotic to help you get through it (until your pain passes). If it’s depression or anxiety, you’ll be prescribed anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or benzodiazepines. Any time you take these kinds of medications, you’re risking addiction. Addiction recovery can take months or even years of things like tremors, vomiting, paranoia, increased anxiety, and rebound pain or depression. Addiction is one of the biggest side effects you’re looking at with medication. 

Other side effects of medications can lead to heart palpitations and cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, migraines, nausea, dry mouth, and many others. While these medications are given to help and not harm, they are quite harmful to many individuals. If you decide to try alternative medicine and it works for you, you don’t need to risk any of these things. It also provides a long-term solution for your pain. If it works, there would be no need for you to continue to visit your doctor and take medications. In these types of situations, cases that are not life-threatening, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going a different route. 

Faster recovery time. 

Did you know that alternative medicine can often help you with things you might be considering surgery for? Spinal disc issues are one of these examples. Chiropractors have had great success with bulging discs, and while the treatment may take a bit longer than a “quick” surgery, it will also have little-to-no recovery time. You’ll be able to slowly start doing things you weren’t able to do before, like taking walks or going on trips. You’re not going to be in bed for six months with a back brace. You also won’t have to take any post-surgery medication. 

You’ll also be able to check in with your chiropractor as much (if not more) than you check in with your doctor. Your chiropractor will guide you through the entire process. Their job is to be with you every step of the way. Most places take great pride in caring deeply for all of their patients. Standard doctor’s offices are often overloaded with work and they don’t always have this kind of time for their patients. If you’re interested in a more thorough type of care and would like to try alternative medicine, try calling 972-355-0083 to get in touch with someone from Epic Healthcare and Physical Medicine

It doesn’t just mask your symptoms – it heals the problem causing them. 

The human body is noisy. If there is something wrong with your joints, your back, or your muscles, your body is going to let you know. It’s also going to hinder you from leading your best life. Pain is going to limit you. Many times, pain can be chronic – which means there are no surgical solutions for your pain. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise do wonders for chronic pain, but they’re not always going to fix it. The next step is usually some sort of pain management and intervention, and primary care physicians want to help. This is where pain medication comes in – the ultimate “band-aid” for chronic pain. 

Alternative Medicine May Change Your Life for the Better

Alternative medicine focuses on the root of your pain, and it avoids “band-aids.” The goal of alternative medicine is to find the absolute cause of your pain. Not just where it is located, but where it is coming from. Why is this pain there? What happened to the patient to get him/her to this point of discomfort? Once that is determined, a course of action can be made. There are so many courses of action in alternative pain relief, including regenerative medicine, neuropathy, chiropractic, medical massages, meditation, and even nutritional support and advice.  

If and when you do take the route to alternative medicine, the kinds of results that people have seen are astounding. You can expect higher energy, lower pain levels, and true healing on many levels. The goal is to not only treat your pain through a holistic approach – it is also to heal any ailments you have that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest. The loss of pain and discomfort will lead to increased motivation, happiness, and even ambition. When your pain is gone, it’s possible to start achieving your dreams and living your life again. This, above all, is at the heart of alternative medicine.  

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