Many people suffer from back pain across the world. Back, neck, and shoulder pain makes doing daily tasks difficult, especially if your job requires heavy lifting, but not all people who have spinal pain work with heavy objects. Some types of pain in the back can stem from many different causes, and many of them don’t even have to do with lifting things on a daily basis. The pain can come from aging and weak back muscles or even herniated disks. While you may associate spinal pain with a myriad of problems, have you ever thought that it could all stem from your cell phone?

How Do Cell Phones Cause Back Pain?

It seems strange to say that cell phones can cause your pain, but it’s true. They really can cause many types of pain, especially in younger people who use their phone a lot. Cell phones cause pain in the back or neck for two reasons, both of which are related to posture.

The first way a cell phone causes pain is how people look at their cell phone while they use it every day. The human body is really magnificent and can handle a lot of different situations. However, the body just was not made for cell phones. When people use a cell phone, they typically look down at it because they hold it lower than their head.

Keeping the head bent over not only puts strain on the back muscles but also on the spine. It’s physics really. The head puts more strain on the spine and back muscles when looking at a phone because those parts of the body need to work harder to support it. Normally, the head is supposed to be in line with the shoulders. That way, all the muscles in your neck and back can distribute its weight equally. However, when you move your head out of line, it doesn’t allow your body to use all of your neck and back muscles to support your head. This in turn causes tremendous strain on the muscles that are still supporting your head when it’s moved forward.

The Second Reason Cell Phones Cause All Types of Pain

Another reason cell phones can cause pain is because of where some people like to store them. With pants having smaller pockets, people often place their cell phone in their back pocket. Some people will sit down all day with their phone in their back pocket, but this may not only damage the phone, it’ll damage their back. When a person sits down with something in their back pocket. It can cause their spine to be misaligned when they sit. Over time, this misalignment will cause tremendous pain all over the body, especially in the back.

Are There Ways to Stop the Pain from Cell Phone Usage?

People suffering from back pain usually reach for a bottle of medicine or may even get prescribed addictive pain medications. However, there are other ways you can solve pain related to posture. One way to stop spinal pain from cell phone usage is to reduce the time you use the cell phone, and when you do use it, try to keep good posture. It may seem strange but holding your phone out in front of you while you use it to look at emails and texts will save you from a lot of the pain you may have in your back or neck. You can also try to save your back by taking your phone out of your back pocket when you sit.

Other Methods to Decrease Your Pain

While you can limit your cell phone use and learn to use it properly, you may have back pain that lingers around for some time. Fortunately, many people turn to physical rehabilitation to save them from serious backache! Physical rehabilitation focuses on helping people get rid of long-lasting spinal pain with natural methods that don’t involve addictive drugs. Many people benefit from physical rehabilitation because it offers them an avenue to not only get rid of their immediate pain but also protect them from future pain. This is because physical rehabilitation seeks to cure the source of pain rather than simply treat it with medicine.

A Chiropractor Can Aid in Your Physical Rehabilitation to Stop Back Pain

People who are seeking to cure their pain often get wonderful results with the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractors can help readjust your posture so you stop suffering from habitual pain of the neck or back, and they can even help relieve it immediately. Chiropractors do their job based on an individual person. Some people may not suffer from back pain for the same reason others do, but with a quick visit, chiropractors can usually figure out the source that pain stems from. Fortunately, Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine is here to help you do just that! At Epic Healthcare, we can get you a chiropractor who is professional and has proven results. We love seeing clients progress with each appointment, and we’d love to help you too!

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