Pregnancy is supposed to be the happiest time in a woman’s life, not a time for considering the need for chiropractic care. They are creating a new life and that is something to celebrate. Unfortunately, the human body does not always react well to being pregnant. A woman will experience many things during their pregnancy. They will experience morning sickness, cravings, cramping, and pain throughout their body. The stress of carrying the extra weight of an unborn child is not always easy and not always pleasant. Many women would welcome to learn about ways to help them through some of the pain that they will feel before the child is born.

Learning about Chiropractic Care

Many people do not understand what a chiropractor can do for an individual. They often consider a kind of false medicine that can cause more harm than good. This is a problem that is often difficult for chiropractors to overcome.

Chiropractic care is the physical manipulation of the spinal cord to adjust both the spinal cord and the muscles that surround it back to a healthy position. When the spine is out of alignment, pain is often the result. By readjusting the body, the pain that is felt can go away, at least temporarily.

The spinal cord is essential to many parts of the body. When it is not properly aligned, it can create problems such as an acid, alkaline imbalance. It can result in digestive problems and can cause pain in the back, the neck and can result in headaches or migraines. Chiropractic care professionals undergo extensive training to learn the craft and are much more than a high paid masseuse. They understand the connection of the different parts of the body and how to utilize these connections to promote better health.

How Pregnancy Can Make Chiropractic Care A Necessity

A woman’s body undergoes significant changes in the body. During the first trimester, the changes may not be as obvious. As the pregnancy goes along, the body changes become more noticeable. The belly gets larger and there is a bend that develops in the back. The center of gravity changes and gets lower. This is often when chiropractic care starts to become necessary.

When a woman first becomes pregnant, their body will become a hormone factory. Not only do these hormones affect the mood and the cravings of the woman, they also affect the physical body as well. The body starts to prepare itself for the delivery of the child. Hormones are released that work to relax the ligaments in the body. This is why the baby’s head is able to fit through the opening it is given. The increasing size of the belly, the loose ligaments and the curve of the back can all cause problems for the spine. When the spine is impacted, pain can be a result for which chiropractic care would be the solution. Hearing a pregnant woman complain of lower back pain is a common theme, but it is not something that should be accepted as a normal side effect of pregnancy. Just like there are ways to treat morning sickness, there are also ways to deal with the physical changes of pregnancy.

Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to help overcome the changes that are going on in the body. Several things can be accomplished through chiropractic care during pregnancy.

  • Repairing the damage the pregnancy is causing – The pain is the result of the spinal cord being moved out of alignment during pregnancy. When it is realigned through chiropractic care, the pain can go away.
  • Help with morning sickness – Pain that is resulting from the damage could be the cause of the nausea that people say is morning sickness. When the pain is gone, the morning sickness can disappear.
  • Lower risk of miscarriage and pre-term delivery – Studies have shown the positive impact in these areas.
  • Help prevent breech births – The practice will relax the muscles and can help a breech baby reposition itself for a normal delivery.

The use of chiropractic care can begin as soon as a pregnancy is discovered. While it is safe to do, there are some things that should be done to protect a woman and her unborn baby.

  • Turn to a trained professional – Find a chiropractor that has received additional training for dealing with pregnancy.
  • Use the right table – The table should be designed to support the pregnant women and to minimize the pressure put on the stomach.
  • Check with a doctor – It is always a good idea to check with an OB-GYN to make sure that all of these treatments are safe.

It is enough for a woman to have to go through the pain of childbirth. They should not have to endure another pain that can be managed during the pregnancy through manipulation and chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is one way to manage the pain associated with carrying a child. For more information about this type of service contact Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine to see what can be done.