Back pain can come from numerous causes. Sometimes you will experience pain from an injury, while other times you will wind up with pain from something like sleeping awkwardly. You could also experience back pain from an illness, such as arthritis, or even an infection in your body. If you have been experiencing some type of pain in your back, knowing the cause could help you identify the best way to remedy the pain.

Injuries Causing Back Pain

There are countless ways to injure your back. You could bend over the wrong way and pull it, you could be doing yard work and strain it, you could fall and bruise it, and the list goes on from there. Strains, sprains, pulls, and spinal damage can all cause extensive back pain and leave you in misery. These should be dealt with by your physician when it comes to finding relief. The sooner you see your doctor after the injury occurs, the sooner they will be able to find you something that can help you return to your normal activities.

Other Causes of Back Pain

The way your spine moves around when you walk, jog, jump, or stretch can cause many different types of pain in your back. You can also develop tumors along your spine which could cause problems. You could have a kidney infection or kidney stones, which could cause back pain, or it could be something like the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. Some ailments may have given you pain your entire life, like scoliosis, or you may develop something later in life, such as arthritis. The hardest causes to diagnose are often infections that occur within the spine. Something like discitis, which is an infection within the discs of the spine, is hard for doctors to diagnose due to its rarity. Since doctors see it so infrequently, they do not often immediately think of that infection unless there are other symptoms that correlate with an infection, such as a fever.

No matter what the causes of your back pain are, there is relief. Call Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today, and start feeling better tomorrow!