If you suffer from back pain, you have likely heard one, or many, of these myths about the causes for your pain. Many people think that you must have “done something” to cause pain that would disrupt your life in some way, but the truth is, back pain can have nearly endless amounts of causes. Instead of listening to the myths, learn the truth, so that you can be proactive in helping to relieve the pain in your back, and get back to life.

Myth 1: Back Pain is Normal As We Get Older

While some of this myth is founded in truth, it does not mean that the pain in your back is normal. The causes of back pain can run the gambit from injury to lack of use or weight gain. If you all of a sudden wake up one day in pain, that does not mean you aged horribly in your sleep. It can be the sign of something more, so you need to take heed and go in and get checked out by your doctor.

Myth 2: You Exercised Wrong and Caused Your Own Back Pain

Again, you may have done something during exercise that could have injured your back, but this does not mean that exercise is the direct cause of your back pain. Back injuries account for a good number of the reasons your back might hurt, but you need to go in and see a doctor to know for sure. He or she will be able to look at and feel your back to determine the cause of your pain, and then they will be able to figure out the best remedies for your specific injury.

Myth 3: If I Go In and See My Doctor, I’ll End Up Requiring Surgery

This is one of the biggest myths about back pain around. While there are times where your injury or damage could require surgery, most people dealing with back pain do not need surgery. You can likely be treated with medication, therapy, or rest, depending on what you did to cause the injury.

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