Most people who have ever suffered from back pain have put off going to see someone about it because they fear that their doctor will tell them surgery is their only option. This, thankfully, is not the case, more often than not. If you have been dealing with back pain, then you need to understand the myths about the pain you are dealing with, and the treatment options you are facing. Even if you are looking at surgery for your injury, that does not mean you need to live in fear.

Surgical Myths About Back Pain

Many people believe that if their doctor sees the amount of pain they are in from their back, that they will hear that dreaded word: surgery. Most people dealing with back pain do not need to go in for back surgery. However, for those that do, there are a few important things to know. First, just because your doctor says that you need spine surgery now does not mean you will be going back in for surgery every month or year for the rest of your life. Typically, one to two procedures is all that is required to correct an injury to the back.

Second, your surgery is not going to be your cure-all for your back pain. While it should help reduce your pain, especially from specific movements, it is not going to take away 100% of your pain. It is important to know that going into it, so you do not come out disappointed. Third, your doctor IS going to give you some medications after your surgery to help control the pain, but that does not mean you are going to automatically fall into an addiction to the medication. If you think that you are more susceptible, or if you have faced addiction in the past, talk to your doctor about it before surgery, and see what he or she suggests for dealing with your back pain.

If you need relief from back pain, but have not found the right solution as of yet, give Epic Healthcare & Physical MedicineĀ a call and see how we can help.

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