Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

At Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine, we provide the highest quality physical medicine and natural pain management. We believe it is very important to fully understand, analyze and diagnose your injuries and/or pain. We couple both traditional medical diagnostic testing and new technology or analysis techniques together to fully assess your condition. That is why we prefer to use many of the most advanced medical tests available today.

Diagnostic Testing Services

Here is a list of some of the diagnostic services performed on-site:

X-RAYS – We use the lowest amount of radiation with our digital diagnostic x-rays.  Our team of doctors utilize these tests to assess not only injuries to the spine but also to the extremities as well.

Surface EMG Testing – A healthy, functioning body is the result of a healthy nervous system. When the body has discomfort, pain, tension, or disease, it indicates a malfunction or imbalance in the body.

Blood, Stool, and Saliva Testing – We don’t guess, we test. These specialized tests get the whole picture and help determine how to get the body functioning properly.

Surface EMG Testing is a non-invasive technology that measures irritation in the nervous system. Nerve and muscle activity is measured through its electric current patterns. This technology reads the electrical activity of the body in order to measure the quality and health of nerve and muscle function. This technology works similar to the use of electromyography in EKG/heart rate measurement machines.

The muscles that run along both sides of the spine should be balanced. If these muscles are not working well, the body is forced to compensate, which can create imbalances in the body. Surface EMG testing measures alterations in the paraspinal muscles which can shed light on the muscular changes linked to vertebral subluxations and impairment.

Diagnostic Testing is an important part of analyzing and diagnosing the cause of your pain. Learn about the state of the art testing options offered by Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine.


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