If you are suffering from shoulder pain that is related to arthritis, joint injury, degenerative condition, or other injuries, you’re not alone. However, it is not “just part of life” or a “result of getting older”. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Aches, numbness, discomfort, and other unpleasant indicators are warning signals from your body that indicate underlying health conditions. The problem won’t just go away on its own. It is vital to find the health challenge is diagnosed and corrected. Thankfully, one option you may not have considered is undergoing chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain.

We’ve helped thousands of patients avoid surgery and get back to doing the things they love. The expert team at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine offers Regenerative Cell Therapy procedures to help alleviate your pain without relying on complex surgical procedures or medication.

Conventional Treatments

Americans are taking more medications than ever before. As a matter of fact, 50-80% of Americans are taking a prescribed drug every 24-36 hours. Drug companies will lead you to believe that pills are the fast and easy solution. Prescription medications and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSDAIDS), though convenient, come with a high price. Addiction rates are soaring. Also, taking in high amounts of medicine may be poisoning your body with highly destructive and harmful chemicals.

Conventional treatments for shoulder pain include an array of methods such as prescription medications, steroid or cortisone injections, and surgery. These types of treatments may offer pain relief. The downside is they often come with disagreeable side effects. For example, the prescription medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and steroid injections only mask the symptoms. That means that treatment isn’t focusing on the root of the problem. Surgeries permanently alter the body and can create further complications.

Alternative Treatments

A chiropractor can offer safe, alternative ways to treat shoulder pain. We all know that chiropractic care can be very effective for back pain, however it can also be very effective for extremity injuries and painful conditions as well.

Let’s look at one scenario. It’s far too common that we slouch with our mid backs slouched over and our shoulders rolled forward. Shoulder pain can be a result of poor posture which causes the loss of mobility to the neck and mid back. This causes the tissues around your shoulder to overwork and strain. Patients can also experience general achiness around the shoulder or numbness and tingling radiating from the shoulder down the arm. A qualified chiropractor always checks the mid back thoracic area and neck for subluxations. Even a stuck clavicle can cause this loss of mobility and stresses the shoulder.

Your chiropractor looks at your overall health, concentrating not only on your shoulders, but also on your lifestyle, such as diet and amount of daily exercise. This cohesive approach helps determine the best treatment for your shoulder pain. To help identify the cause of your problem, you and your chiropractor will discuss your symptoms and previous injuries, your family health history, and your lifestyle, including leisure and work related physical activities. Chiropractors tend to have very high patient satisfaction rates and there would be fewer unnecessary tests and hospitalizations and opioid prescriptions if people visited chiropractors.

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain Without Medicine or Surgery

At Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine we use cutting edge technology to heal tissue and joint problems with no surgeries or medicine. Our Regenerative Cellular Therapy is sophisticated, non-surgical treatment protocol and is one of the most effective treatments available to help the body heal.  It is crucial that treatment occurs as early as possible because if you do not treat the issue then you will continue to experience pain and your shoulder may lose mobility. Also, it be challenging to treat once scar tissue begins to form. Micro-tears in soft tissue from overuse, injury, or trauma can lead to painful inflammation in the joints and tendons.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy offers effective recovery and rejuvenation for a variety of conditions, including and tendon tears and injuries, ligament damage, bursitis, acromion, and degenerative joint diseases, osteoarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, and cartilage loss or bone on bone loss in the knee, hip and shoulder.

For decades, the use of Regenerative Cellular Therapy has been scientifically assessed and recorded for successfully treating swelling, reduction of scar tissue formation, and the improvement of the body’s natural healing processes. There have also been no reportable adverse reactions.  The whole treatment process is brief, simple, and is regularly performed as an outpatient procedure.

Alongside the cell therapy, there are other treatment options. Your chiropractor may also recommend spinal adjustments along with other types of treatment for relieving your shoulder pain. These may include ice packs, massage, traction, or stretching and strengthening exercises. Your chiropractor can discuss these options with you.

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