Durable medical equipment is a necessity for anyone who requires the use of walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds or any number of other items that are depended on to maintain a person’s health and quality of life.   Often, these items can be very costly and many people find themselves having to go without due to other medical costs, loss of income, or any number of other things.

Fortunately, as long as the durable medical equipment is medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor, the costs for the durable medical equipment may be partially or completely covered by Medicare.

When is Durable Medical Equipment Covered?

Medicare will cover some or all of the cost of your durable medical equipment when it is deemed medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor or treating practitioner for use in your home or long term care facility.

Medicare Part B will fully cover the cost of prescribed durable medical equipment, while Medicare Advantage Plans will cover varying amounts based on the plan that you have chosen.  To find out if your durable medical equipment is covered and how much you will have to pay, call your Medicare plan as soon as possible and ask for Utilization Management.  The representatives will be able to let you know if your equipment is covered and what cost, if any, you will have to pay out of pocket for any medical equipment that you may need.

How to Get Your Durable Medical Equipment

You and your doctor can work together to determine what medical equipment will best meet your needs and prescribe you that type of equipment.  Medicare also requires your doctor or their staff to fill out the necessary form for you to get approval for your durable medical equipment.  This form is called the Certificate of Medical Necessity.

A supplier will work with both you and your doctor to ensure that all necessary paperwork has been completed and to see that you get the proper medical equipment that you need.  If your prescription needs change, your doctor will have to resubmit the paperwork.

If you are in need of durable medical equipment or have any questions, please call Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine for a consultation.