Everyone isn’t necessarily a fan of exercising, but if they have neck pain, it may be worth discovering a few things that can be done that will help lessen or alleviate the pain that is felt. The good thing about the exercises to relieve neck pain is they do not require a great deal of effort, time or special equipment. All they take is the commitment of the individual to do what they need to if they want to avoid a pain in the neck.

Two Basics of exercising for Neck Pain

People can look for drug therapy, take trips to the chiropractor or try treatments that include sticking needles into their body to deal with chronic neck pain, but there are two basic things that they can do that may be much easier to accomplish and can help to take the pain away.

  • Neck Stretches – Anyone that works out regularly will tell about the importance of stretching before exercise. A few simple neck stretches, such as the corner stretch or the levator scapular stretch, can help loosen the tight muscles in the neck that may be causing the pain. These stretches are easy to do and require only a few minutes of time. They can be used to help a person as they begin to move around during the day or they can be used before a person begins any exercise program. Either way, the benefits of neck stretches will be felt when done properly.
  • Neck Strengthening Exercises – If you want to avoid neck pain, you need to make sure the muscles are strong. It is important not to overdo the strengthening exercises as that may cause more pain. While they can be done every day, giving proper rest between exercises program is also important. It may take time to strengthen the muscles of the neck, but it is worth the effort to relieve neck pain.

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Exercises to Help Neck Pain part two