Hip Pain

When you struggle with daily hip pain, it can impact just how much of your daily life you get to live. You never realize just how many movements involve your hips until each of those movements hurt. Hip pain does not need to sideline your life, but it does take the right approach to get the pain to heal. By turning to the experts here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine, you get the experience and expertise that comes with our amazing staff. They know multiple ways of helping you overcome your pain, allowing you to get back to your life.

What Causes Most Cases of Hip Pain?

When you first notice hip pain, it can come from a lot of different things. You may simply have slept poorly, causing pain and pressure on your hip. Your pain may also stem from falling and landing on your hip. Moving your hip wrong can lead to pain as well. Most of the pain in your hip from simple things like sleeping wrong or moving wrong will go away in a short amount of time with rest. However, there are other things that can also cause pain in your hip that are not quite as simple to overcome.

Arthritis is another cause of pain in the different joints of your body. Your hip is one of the joints that can hurt as a result of arthritis, making moving in general more difficult. Your hip can also hurt as a result of other ailments, such as bursitis, infections, and ailments that attack your immune system. If you struggle with pain in or around your hip plus a fever, swelling, or tenderness, it is important you get checked out quickly. That way, if there is some type of an infection, it can get cleared up before it causes further issues.

Overuse is a common cause of pain in your hips and knees. For example, if your job requires you to do a lot of squatting down, this can leave both your knees and your hips in a lot of pain. That pain can extend into when you stand up as well. If you do that type of work regularly, it can lead to pain that does not go away. Sprains, strains, and ligaments and tendons that get pulled can also lead you to pain.

What Should You Do When You First Notice Hip Pain?

When the pain first pops up in your hip, the first thing you should do is rest for a little bit of time. Sometimes this is all you need to do to bypass being in pain. However, that is not always going to help rid your life of pain completely. Trying some over the counter pills that reduce inflammation can also help. You want to try naproxen sodium or some ibuprofen, so long as your stomach can handle it.

While resting can help, you also need to be sure that you do not do it for too long. Sitting for too long can leave you in more pain than when you started because the joint begins to freeze up. You should make sure to move around gently as you can. Another option you can try is rotating between hot and cold compresses on your hip. This can help increase healing and reduce your pain.

Options That Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Hip Pain That We Can Offer

If none of the options that you can try at home help to reduce your hip pain enough, then you may need outside help. That is where we can be of assistance. We can help provide alternative services that can reduce your pain. This includes physical therapy and even manipulation of the joint. That way, you can be sure that everything in your hip is in proper alignment, and none of the nerves are compressed, causing you pain.

Why Surgery Should Not Be Your First Option When Hip Pain Shows Up

For most ailments that cause hip pain, surgery should be the last option that you consider. You only need surgery for the most severe hip problems, such as a fracture. Pain medications can also leave you in more pain, because you tend to overdo things when you cannot feel the pain. You move like normal since there is no pain, only to realize that your pain is more intense afterward. This can turn into a problematic cycle of you needing more medication.

Instead, what you should do is figure out which treatments provide relief for your hip pain. Then, combine them to give you the most relief. If you notice that physical therapy and heat help the most, figure out a treatment plan that incorporates them together. That can give you the greatest amount of relief, and leave you with the best healing effects when all is said and done.

It is important that you take the right steps to reduce chronic pain in your life, no matter what part of your body struggles with it. Call the experts here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today, by dialing (972)355-0083 today. We can help you overcome your hip pain and get back to your busy life.