It can be difficult at times to determine if your chiropractic treatment is helping to alleviate your pain or not. Some days are going to be better than others in terms of how you feel, so how are you supposed to be able to tell? Typically, patients will experience significant relief within two to four weeks after receiving chiropractic treatment. If this is not the case for you, you may need to seek out extra forms of treatment.

What You Can Do if Your Chiropractic Treatment Did Not Work

It is very common, and normal, for patients to be a bit sore after chiropractic treatment, but if your pain gets worse during, or immediately following, your chiropractic treatment, a new type of treatment should be sought. There is always a chance that when you are undergoing chiropractic treatment for one ailment, another could become present. This could cause you to think that the initial chiropractic treatment didn’t work, when in fact, it did, but another issue popped up.

You could be experiencing more pain if you are simply moving or sitting the wrong way. Again, your chiropractic treatments could be working for your initial issue, but because those have lined up properly, now you are noticing more issues because of ergonomics. If this is the case, you should speak with your chiropractor about how to sit, or move, with movements that are required of your body on a daily basis. Repetitive movements often cause issues that require the care of a chiropractor, so if you can explain these movements, the pain associated with them can be addressed.

If you are still sore beyond the normal 2-4 weeks, then you should change up your chiropractic treatment. This could involve you having a different area manipulated, or giving a new technique a try. Both of these options could help alleviate your current pain, and potentially address any of the new pains that have popped up since you began your chiropractic care. You could also pick to give a different chiropractor a try, or have your primary doctor work in tandem with your chiropractor, giving you a higher level of attention with the hopes of stopping your pain.

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