If you have been told that your body would be benefitted by massage therapy, it is important to know what to expect. Since not all massages work your body in the same ways, it’s best that you know which type of massage to expect before getting started. Here are a few important things to know prior to starting massage therapy, to help you get the most out of the procedure.

Understanding the Basics of Massage Therapy

One thing that not everyone realizes before starting massage therapy is that you typically have very little, or no, clothing on during the massage. Some locations request that you are totally nude, while others allow undergarments. However, this can also depend on what part of your body requires the therapy. Should you need it on your calf, it may require different attire than if you are getting your shoulders and neck worked on.

Lubrication is common practice during massage therapy. Normally a masseuse will let you pick between your favorite lotion or a nicely-scented massage oil. This allows the hands of the masseuse to glide over the skin of the patient much more freely. The easier the hands can move over the skin, the more effective the massage is going to be in the end.

Most massages range from a half-hour up to an hour and a half, with approximately one hour being the norm. You can visit many different spas and massage offices to have your massage therapy done, but you should do your homework to ensure that the proper education, experience, and licensing is in place for whatever location you choose. The type of place you pick will have an effect on how much your massage will cost, so ask this question before you begin so you know what to expect.

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