Act Now and take Advantage of Our New Patient Special at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine in Flower Mound, TX for just $350 $47.

(Normally $350. Offer Ends )

what’s included in the New Patient Promotion?

(Normally $350. Offer Ends )

This incredible New Patient Promotion provides care, relaxation, and peace of mind all in one! With an Initial Consultation to kick off the journey, and two X-Rays of the area of concern to diagnose any issues, our team will also fully verify your insurance coverage. Afterward, you’ll receive a Full Report of Findings that outlines any treatments needed. All this for only $47 during this limited-time offer! So come experience quality care and relaxation at our center today.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with Epic Healthcare is the first step on your journey to optimal health. Our experienced and knowledgeable healthcare professionals will discuss your medical history, lifestyle habits, and any conditions or symptoms you have been experiencing. You will have time to discuss questions and concerns you have regarding your health, as well as review any treatments or therapies that are available.

Focused Exam

Focused Exam at Epic Healthcare is a comprehensive health assessment and review of a patient’s medical history. It typically involves an evaluation of the individual’s lifestyle and physical condition to identify any existing or potential health risks. During this exam, the doctor may take measurements such as height, weight, and blood pressure, along with examining the patient’s medical history and current symptoms. This exam helps to identify any potential health issues that may require further evaluation or treatment, allowing the doctor to customize a personalized plan for each patient’s individual needs. With its comprehensive approach, the Focused Exam is an important tool in helping ensure optimal health for all patients.

2 Digital X-Rays

This report provides detailed imaging of the area in question. Two X-Rays are taken at Epic Healthcare for further examination. These images can be used to identify any potential issues or abnormalities and to provide a better understanding of the patient’s condition. The X-Ray has a high resolution, allowing for a very detailed look at the area. This imaging can be used to provide an accurate diagnosis and help guide treatment plans. It is a useful tool for physicians to use when assessing a patient’s condition. Additionally, it can be useful for monitoring the progress and outcomes of a given treatment. With these detailed images, physicians have an accurate means to evaluate a patient’s health.

One on One with Doctor

Receive a one-on-one consultation with  one of our experienced doctors of chiropractic at Epic Healthcare. Our new patient promotion includes a comprehensive history, physical examination and treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. We understand that everyone is unique and our goal is to provide you with the best possible care in order to achieve lasting results.

Full Report of Findings

This full report of findings provides a comprehensive overview of the results obtained from our research. It includes detailed information on the methodology and data analysis conducted, as well as an in-depth assessment of key insights and conclusions. This document summarizes the research results and offers recommendations for future courses of action. Additionally, this document outlines any potential risks associated with the research and the proposed solutions. This report provides a valuable resource for decision-makers and stakeholders who need to make informed decisions in their respective fields.

Full Insurance Verification

Full Insurance Verification at Epic Healthcare is a comprehensive service designed to ensure that our patients are covered for any and all medical needs, treatments, procedures, and medications. Our staff of trained professionals will work with insurance providers to determine coverage and make sure that our clients have the best possible care without the worry of surprise costs. We provide detailed reports and expert advice on what to expect from your insurance coverage. Our Full Insurance Verification is fast, accurate, and efficient – so you can get the care you need without any financial surprises.

At Epic Healthcare, we believe every human being should have the opportunity to experience a pain-free life.

It is our mission to provide the communities we serve with the highest level of chiropractic care available. It is our goal to meet the needs of our patients by delivering convenient, cost-effective chiropractic care that will help each-and-every one of our patients reduce levels of pain and restore proper function without the use of drugs or unnecessary surgeries.

At Epic Healthcare, we approach pain management by focusing on the root cause of pain and tailoring individualized treatment plans that provide fast relief while addressing the underlying cause of pain symptoms.

If your daily life is being affected by pain, take advantage of our New Patient Promotion today. Our team at Epic Healthcare is here and ready to help relieve your symptoms and help get you on the road to a pain free life.

Are YOU Ready to Live a Pain Free Life?

New Patient Promotion

Any discounted offer only applies to certain introductory services rendered to patients at facilities affiliated with Epic Healthcare. If applicable, government-issued identification and health insurance cards will need to be presented at patient’s initial visit. Based upon initial patient examination, additional services may be recommended. Federal Law prevents the offering of any discounted service to those individuals with MEDICARE or MEDICAIDE coverage. Individuals with this coverage are eligible to receive the consultation for services.