Physical Rehabilitation

Physical medicine can be defined simply as physical rehabilitation of injuries and inflammation. At Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine, we are focused on the rehabilitation of the spine and body. Our patients are treated with a combination of natural, holistic and medical therapies, to administer the most effective pain management and relief for our patients. We know that every person and medical circumstance is unique and so is their pain. That is why we provide a customized, effective treatment programs to relieve pain fast so our patients can become and stay pain-free.

Physical Rehabilitation of injuries and inflammation

At Epic Healthcare, we start with a complete evaluation, performed by our team of highly competent professionals to accurately diagnose the patient. Once a diagnosis has been given, we initially work with each patient to relieve inflammation and pain in the injured areas using natural pain therapies, coupled with chiropractic care. Relieving inflammation is the first step in reducing pain and discomfort. Once we have relieved the inflammation, our spinal rehabilitation team assists patients to rehabilitate the weakened and injured areas, so that they can heal, build strength, and become completely pain free.

Our unique approach combines chiropractic care, spinal decompression and medical pain management. We feel that this makes a big difference in spinal rehabilitation by treating both the inflammation of the injured discs and rehydrating the spine. Using this focused approach to recondition the spine and gain greater mobility, pain and fatigue associated with the injury can be effectively relieved.

We also work with patients to understand how they can better reach optimal health, with home exercises and home therapy. By assisting at home, you can reduce your therapy time and gain strength,, flexibility and relieve pain much faster. So if you want to regain your strength, flexibility and mobility, call Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today to schedule your free consultation with our highly trained medical team.

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