Arthritis can come from quite a few different sources. Most times, arthritis comes from a combination of factors. If you think you may be suffering from the early stages of this ailment, then you should contact your physician and be seen. Since there are so many things that can cause you consistent joint pain, the sooner you can get seen, the better.

Arthritis Has Many Causes

One of the common causes that most people who get arthritis have in common is a family history of the disease. The more people in your family that have been afflicted with this ailment, the more likely you are to wind up suffering from it as well. Other things that could cause this type of suffering include a job that requires a lot of physical repetition, some specific types of infections, the makeup of your genetics, some diseases that affect your immune system, obesity due to the excess pressure and wear on joints, and previous injuries. If you have any one, or any combination of these causes, you are likely going to suffer from arthritis at some point in time during your life.

The Physical Demands of Arthritis

When the cushioning of your joints begins to degrade, they typically become inflamed and you experience pain. This is the beginning of arthritis. This can cause minor aches and pains, constant pain, or debilitating pain that can make normal function impossible. Arthritis can be from pain within the ligaments, problems with the cartilage of the joint, issues with the fluid in your joint, or it can come from the pain of your bones rubbing together, depending on which diagnosis you receive.

Arthritis can come out of nowhere, or you can slowly develop symptoms over the course of many years. No matter when you start to notice pain, the first thing that you should do is to contact your doctor and get officially diagnosed. The sooner your diagnosis happens, the less pain you will experience during your experience.

If you believe that you are starting to show the signs of arthritis, call Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today and schedule an appointment to get a proper diagnosis.