Arthritis is a serious problem in health circles. It affects many people all around the world. Due to the fact that many different types of it exist, its symptoms vary from one person to another. For instance, a person suffering from one type may exhibit different symptoms from a different person suffering from a different type of arthritis. The most common symptom is inflammation and it is usually associated with swollen joints and high levels of pain. However, there are other conditions which may cause such symptoms. Therefore, it is important that expert advice is sought to confirm what the pain the individual is actually experiencing is coming from.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Although there are many different types of arthritis, experts dealing with this condition have analyzed its most common symptoms. Apart from the swelling and hurting of joints, other common symptoms include early morning joint rigidness and stiffness. Most people suffering from it often complain of general tiredness and a general feeling of being sick and unwell. It may also be characterized by skin rashes, weight loss, mild fevers and muscle pain that cannot be attributed to strenuous physical activity. These conditions, however, can be caused by several other conditions and therefore it is important that one seeks out medical intervention to avoid further complications.

Should one seek medical advice?

While muscle pain and joint aches may be common depending on the physical activity of the involved individual, persistent muscle pain and joint aches may be early signs of arthritis. Pains and aches that cannot be healed by application of pain killers and muscle relaxers may be a warning that an individual is starting to suffer from this ailment. As mentioned earlier on, symptoms of arthritis vary from one of its types to another. The best advice, therefore, is to seek medical assistance as early as possible to help alleviate the suffering that most people have to endure.

How fast should one seek medical advice?

Relying on self-medication and reliance of painkillers is not recommended, as it delays and complicates the treatment process. Cases of the outlined symptoms should be reported to an expert in order to contain complications which may increase the pain associated with arthritis.

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