If you are experiencing lower back problems, neck pain, or any other soft tissue injuries, you might want to consider chiropractic treatment. It is common to feel a little apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor for the first time, but once you know what to expect, it can be less nerve wracking and very beneficial for your injuries.

A Consultation with the Chiropractor

Initially, the chiropractic exam will seem similar to a regular check-up from your doctor. The chiropractor will first sit down with you and discuss the problems that you are having that cause pain, what makes the pain better or worse, the length of time that the pain has occurred, as well as go over your family history as it pertains to your injury or ailment.

The Exam with a Chiropractor

During the physical exam, different methods than you may be used to experiencing might be used in order to determine the extent of the injury or ailment you are suffering from. As a part of the exam, you will undergo tests for the range of motion of the injured area, the strength of the muscle, and the status of the nerves in the affected area. During this portion of the exam, the chiropractor might suggest x-rays if further input is required regarding your injury. He could also suggest laboratory tests or even an MRI if an in depth diagnosis is required.

The Treatment Plan with a Chiropractor

After the consultation and exam, the chiropractor will put together a proposed treatment plan to help alleviate your pain plus restore stability and range of motion of the joints and muscles. The treatment plans typically take longer than a standard treatment from a doctor. The initial goal of chiropractic treatment in most cases is to alleviate pain and swelling, allowing for better use of the muscles or joints. The long-term goal is to restore full function of the joints, muscles, and nerves to allow you to resume normal, everyday activities without any pain, suffering, or limitation of your activities.

While seeing a chiropractor for the first time can be a little overwhelming, it is a great way to restore your mobility, reduce pain, and have overall good health. The right provider can help you achieve your goals and maintain mobility without the use of medicines or drastic measures that could limit your physical ability or cause long-term physical issues.

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