Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can come out of nowhere and be anything from nagging to downright painful. It can lead you into a situation where you feel as though you must decide what aspects of your day to do and what to put off. Do not let wrist pain dictate what you do today. Instead, figure out what treatment options you have to relieve your pain. Reach out to us here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine and let us help you diagnose and treat your pain so you can get back to living your life the way you want.

Most Common Reasons Wrist Pain Starts

There are many reasons you may wind up suffering from wrist pain. One of the most common reasons people struggle with wrist pain that is on the rise is from computer use. Carpal Tunnel syndrome stems from having your wrists at an odd angle for extended periods of time. This happens when you type for extended periods of time. It can also happen if you use a mouse extensively during the day.

Falling or bumping your wrist can also lead to wrist pain. Sometimes the wrist gets overextended during a fall, leading to the ligaments and tendons that make up the wrist getting overly stretched. You could also have bruising that goes deep into your wrist, leading to pain. Arthritis can also cause pain in most of the joints of your body, including your wrist. It can lead to a decrease in flexibility and strength in your wrist, as well as pain that lingers for extended periods of time.

Treating Wrist Pain at Home

Days where you struggle with wrist pain, you have a few different options. The options you have depend on what is causing your pain in the first place. If your pain stems from computer use, then you may need to break from using the computer for a while. When that is not possible, such as those who work at computers all day, braces become a better option. They can hold your wrist in place, helping to decrease your pain.

You can also try putting an ice pack or a warm washcloth on your wrist. Sometimes heat and cool can bring down how much swelling your wrist has. This can reduce your pain, and increase your body’s ability to heal. Soaking your hand and wrist in warm water also has a similar effect if a warm washcloth is not effective enough.

You may also want to try using medication that reduces inflammation, such as taking ibuprofen. This helps to decrease the inflammation and swelling within the joint. That can reduce your pain and make going back to your normal routine a lot easier.

What to Do When Home Remedies Don’t Relieve Your Wrist Pain

When you cannot get enough relief at home, then it is time to look for more effective treatment options. Wrist pain can linger for quite some time if not treated properly. That is what makes treating it at its earliest stages so important. Here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine, we can help come up with alternative treatments.

One of the treatments we know to be effective is physical therapy. With this, we take the time to show you how to move your wrist around so it can function without pain. We also teach you strengthening exercises so that your wrist can get stronger instead of remaining in pain.

Another treatment option we have is adjusting the bones in your wrist with a chiropractic adjustment. This helps get all of the bones in your wrist properly aligned. This can help your wrist feel better during normal activities, plus it can also help alleviate extra pain from pinched nerves.

When to Consider Surgery to Relieve Your Wrist Pain

There are times where you may need surgery or painkillers to alleviate your wrist pain. This is a great treatment option when you fracture or break your wrist, such as after an accident or fall. However, if your wrist pain does not come from a break or fracture, you should try alternatives first. Most of the time, people experience longer and better relief from much less invasive forms of treatment. You do not need to go through the trauma of surgery and long recovery times to get relief. Plus, you do not need to worry about harming your body from taking painkillers, either. If you get treatment for your wrist pain right away, it is likely going to be relatively easy to manage. However, the longer you wait, the more your wrist may hurt.

Make the choice to stop living in pain. It does not get to tell you what you can and cannot do any more. Reach out to us here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today, by calling (972)355-0083, and let us help get rid of your wrist pain.