Turning to neck exercises can help relieve neck pain in time, but when a person is working out the muscles in their neck they may also be causing additional pain. Many people give up on the idea of working to strengthen their neck with exercises because of this. They need to learn how to alleviate the pain that may come from exercising the neck.

Stretching is the Key to Reducing Neck Pain

Any athlete will tell people that the key to performing well and getting the most out of their body is stretching the muscles before they use them. This is true of all muscles including the muscles of the neck. When people are exercising they are actually damaging the cells of the muscles. The cells will repair themselves with rest, but while that is happening a person may feel discomfort or pain. When the muscles are properly stretched before exercising, they will be less likely to suffer damage from exercising. Less rest will be required for the muscles to repair the damage and there will be less pain.

Other Methods to Avoid Neck Pain

There are some other things that can be done. They can be done before or after exercising to provide relief from neck pain.

  • Heating pads – Applying heat to the neck muscles before exercising will make it easier for them to stretch out.
  • Cold packs – Applying cold packs after exercising is helpful at reducing the pain and inflammation that is associated with neck pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs – There are prescription medications and over the counter medications that can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Pain Medications – For some people, the pain may be more than they can handle after exercising. Over the counter pain medications may help with this problem.

A person can use a combination of all of the above to help them as the work to strengthen their neck with exercises.

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Exercises to Help Neck Pain part one