Physical Rehabilitation


At Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine we focus on rehabilitation of the spine and body.  We specialize in giving our patients the best combination of natural and holistic medical therapies. Our team customizes a unique treatment program for each patient, to provide an incredible pain relieving experience. Our focus at the clinic is giving each of our patients the total attention and care they need to get out of pain fast and help them stay pain-free longer.

After a complete evaluation is performed and your diagnosis has been given, a specific and individualized care program will be given to you.  We focus first on relieving the inflamed areas using natural medical therapies and chiropractic care. Then, after the inflammation is relieved, our team of spinal rehabilitation professionals assist our patients rehab help give them the strength they need to heal and stay pain free.  This way, we can not only relieve your pain, but also keep the injured areas healthy for a lifetime. A big difference with our spinal rehabilitative programs is that our focus is centered around the improvement of the spinal discs.  By combining chiropractic care, medical pain management, and spinal decompression, we can help not only lower the inflammation on the injured discs, but also help to rehydrate them and heal them as well. This set of special and unique exercises pay special attention to increasing the strength of your spine and enhancing your activity and flexibility.