There are many benefits to staying active with neuropathy, and they can help you manage the pain you struggle with. Instead of letting your neuropathy take over your life, you have the option of keeping the pain under control. The less active you are, the more intense your pain is likely to get. Here are a few of the best benefits of staying active with neuropathy.

By Staying Active with Neuropathy, You Can Lessen Your Pain

The biggest benefit of staying active with neuropathy is that it can reduce your pain. The most common symptom that comes along with neuropathy is pain. When you get moving, you can reduce all types of pain that come with this ailment. You keep the nerves better lined up by moving and not sitting around, doing nothing. This keeps the signals traveling around your body with the right information going through them. Part of neuropathy is that your body is trying to decipher the symptoms you have. Those nerve signals sometimes get a bit mixed up. Instead of letting them stay mixed up, moving around and staying active helps them become clearer.

Your Tissues Get Stronger When You Exercise

One of the bigger benefits of staying active with neuropathy is that you strengthen the tissues in your body that hurt right now. This leads to less pain and fewer flare ups. It does not matter if you know what causes your neuropathy, or if your cause is completely unknown, moving simply helps you feel better. Each body part that gets used regularly builds up strength. This means that at the end of the day, you are less likely to have intense pain, numbness, or struggles moving. Regular exercise improves the strength of your heart, too. This helps to push blood more effectively through your body. When your blood moves around the body more effectively, you get more relief, and you have more oxygenated blood healing the parts of your body that need it most.

Function Improves by Staying Active with Neuropathy

When your body lies in wait, idle, you lose function. It happens to everyone. That is why the more you sit, the more sedentary you become. Your body begins to think you no longer need the same muscles or functions to keep going. Well, when pain controls your life, moving becomes difficult at best. However, when you keep moving, despite the pain or discomfort, it actually becomes easier to maintain your functionality. Your range of motion and flexibility are part of what lets you move around normally. If your function goes down, this can decrease as well. That means, when you go to begin moving again, it can be difficult. Your body may not have the ability to stay stable and balanced. You may be more prone to falling, and your body may hurt more than it would have simply by living with the neuropathic pain.

You Have Options for Staying Active with Neuropathy

When traditional exercises won’t work, you have options. When it comes to staying active with neuropathy, you do not have to be actively doing cardio, jogging, and HIIT. What you need to do is to remain active. This can be done by means of swimming, exercising from a chair, and even exercises you do in bed. What matters most is that you keep your body moving. The first thing to do is to ask your doctor what is safe for you to do. Then, you need to make time to do those things.

Things like jogging and running may not be possible when you struggle with neuropathic pain. However, that does not mean you cannot live an active life. There are many options out there to keep your body moving, reducing pain. Staying active with neuropathy is important. It can give you your life back. Simple things like getting up and walking around the house, even on your bad days, can help. Just do what you can and listen to your body. If you cannot do it on your own, ask for help. Your doctor can help you manage the pain, plus they can help you get therapy to help reduce your pain and stiffness. Things like physical therapy are great for those living with neuropathy. It allows the body to regain its strength, plus, manage the pain you do feel. Plus, the people who help you with this type of therapy know how to line your body up to improve strength and posture, without adding to your pain.

Neuropathy does not need to control what you do, day in and day out. For help figuring out what options you have for remaining active, reach out to us here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine. We can be reached by calling (972)355-0083. Let us show you how much better life can be simply by staying active with neuropathy.