Have you been trying to figure out what type of lower back pain treatment could help your lower back pain? When people struggle with lower back pain, it can take away your ability to live. Simple things like walking around or doing chores around the house become impossible. By getting lower back pain treatment, you gain the ability to move again. Your life slowly starts coming back to you. Don’t let the pain you go through decide your future. Instead, take the time to figure out what pain relief options you have.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options That Do Not Involve Surgery

Many people fear finding out more about lower back pain treatment options. They believe once the pain gets to the severe point, surgery will be the only option. While there are some ailments that do require surgery for relief, not all of them do. Some simply need you to get help while your body heals itself. If you have avoided finding out what treatment options you have for your lower back pain due to the fear of surgery, here are a few options you may want to consider.

  • TENS therapy gives some people a lot of relief from lower back pain. It helps stimulate healing at the point of injury or pain. The unit simply sits on your back and you control the pulses that go into your body. This can bring about relief when your back is stiff from overdoing something, and sometimes after a minor injury.
  • Undergoing spinal decompression can give you a lot of relief. Sometimes pain comes from the discs of your back getting smashed together. The only way to give you any relief is to slowly pull them back apart. Spinal decompression helps to relieve pain and restore nerve signals in your spine, giving you relief.
  • Exercise can also help you treat lower back pain. When you have weakness in your back, it can lead to a lot of pain. By making the muscles of your back stronger, you help your spine stay straight, and reduce pain. It also prevents future injuries, and helps you feel better during regular daily activities.

Physical Therapy is Also an Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment Option

Another option for lower back pain treatment is going through physical therapy. This helps your body relearn how to move effectively and without pain. Sometimes the pain in your lower back comes from just using your back improperly. When that happens, the muscles tend to repeat the same movements which may have caused the pain in the first place. By opting to go through physical therapy, you learn how to hold your body straight while moving. This can reduce pain in your lower back and help to strengthen the muscles in your back as you go.

Physical therapists will show you exercises and movements you can do to help restore the strength of your back. Plus, those movements will help your back learn to move carefully again in the future. This will help you get relief from pain now, plus avoid similar injuries again in the future. This is one of the most effective methods of finding relief for most people. The simple fact that it can prevent them from having a repeat of the pain is huge.

You Can Get Lower Back Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor

Another great option when you want lower back pain treatment is a manual adjustment from your chiropractor. They can take a back that is out of line and help push the pieces back in line. A lot of people get back pain from something in their body being out of proper alignment. In fact, this is one of the more common causes of back pain in the first place. When you go in and get help from a chiropractor, you have the ability to begin living life again. The pain goes down, and your ability to go through life like you always should have.

Professionals Should Be the Only Ones You Consider for Lower Back Pain Treatment

The important thing to remember when seeking out any type of lower back pain treatment is to turn to professionals. They are working with the epicenter of your body. If you do not go to someone with the proper training, education, and experience, your back pain could get worse. Turn to people that have the expertise you need, and who can offer the results you are looking for.

When your back pain starts to limit what you can do each day, it is time to do something about it. Call the experienced pros here at Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine today, at (972)355-0083. Let us help figure out which lower back pain treatment options are going to help you most!